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Inboard and Outboard Maintenance

Tune and Service

Regular maintenance is important for any outboard and only you can make sure it happens.  A tune up should be done every year or every 100 hrs, whichever comes first, at a minimum.  The oil should be changed every 50 hrs or 3 months to extend its life and ensure its reliability.

Always use fresh fuel within two months, without fuel conditioner, about 6 months with conditioner, to prevent phase separation.  You should run the engine once a month for approximately 30 minutes. 

Outboards 2hp - 350hp

  • compression test
  • ignition test
  • pressure and vacuum test lower unit
  • check and adjust timing
  • check carburetor and all engine linkage
  • replace spark plugs, zincs, oil and filters
  • lube all linkage and fittings
  • replace water pump impeller and thermostats

Sterndrives and Inboards

  • compression test
  • ignition test
  • computer diagnostic
  • check and adjust timing
  • check carburetor and all linkage
  • replace spark plugs, cap, rotor, oil and filters
  • lube all linkage and fittings
  • inspect cooling system, belts and hoses
  • exercise sea cocks and clean sea strainers
  • replace water pump impeller and thermostat
  • service outdrive
  • check engine alignment


After every outing, flush out the engine for 15 minutes.  This applies to both fresh water and salt water.  While flushing, check the water pump to make sure it has good water flow and that the water stream is not hot.

After flushing, disconnect the fuel line and allow the engine to burn all the fuel in the carburetor.  It’s important to always use fresh fuel.  At the end of the season or after sitting for 60 days, drain your tanks and take the fuel to the proper recycling authority.

After running the engine out of fuel, turn off the key and battery switch, if you have one.  Wipe everything down and spray all the moving parts with an anti-corrosive lubricant such as WD 40.  We advise you rinse down and lubricate your trailer fittings as well.

Flushing Your Outboard

Additional Maintenance


Maintaining your trailer

  • check all brakes, bunks, lights, tires etc.
  • lube all fittings
  • grease bearings

Fuel related items to check regularly

  • do not use gasoline containing more than 10% ethanol
  • the fuel line for cracks & worn spots
  • the fuel primer bulb is pliable
  • leaks near the fuel line fittings
  • rust or corrosion on the fuel line clamps
  • corrosion or damage to the fuel tank
  • the tank vent is aspirating properly
  • water in the fuel
  • do not use stale fuel in your outboard

Protection from the elements

  • wash down and wipe dry your boat, engine, vinyl and stainless hardware
  • treat surfaces with marine grade cleaners and UV protection

Corrosion mitigation

  • replace zincs regularly your boat 
  • tilt the motor up so the gear case is completely out of the water 
  • look for areas of salt intrusion
  • add fuel stabilizer
  • install a primary fuel/water separator 
  • service your engine for storage when not in use

Yamaha Maintenance Guide